E Is For Empire: A New York Alphabet

E Is For Empire: A New York Alphabet Download E+Is+For+Empire%3A+A+New+York+Alphabet

E Is For Empire: A New York Alphabet

From B is for Brooklyn Bridge to K is for Kodak and onward to T is for Fort Ticonderoga, E is for Empire is an alphabet book that introduces children and adults to New York State's history, culture, and landscape in a unique two-tiered approach. A quick rhyme offers children facts about New York from A to Z. Alongside each rhyme, older readers gain a deeper understanding of the topic by reading the longer expository text."We travelled New York from A to Z and there is still so much to do and see... We could round each letter twice again and still not reach the very end - Mountains, monuments, museums galore, There is still so much for us to explore, So much for us to celebrate In beautiful, bountiful New York State! "

"E is for Empire, the Erie Canal, and a new children's book that celebrates New York's History, locations, natural treasures and famous residents. The book, "E is for Empire: A New York State Alphabet," even makes room for Jell-O, the iconic dessert created in Le Roy. Author Ann E. Burg and illustrator Maureen K....

Download E+Is+For+Empire%3A+A+New+York+Alphabet

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