Mental Toughness/Volleyball

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Mental Toughness/Volleyball

Goes beyond conditioning and the X’s and O’s to reveal an overlooked but equally critical element to playing sound volleyball—the mental game. Offers coaches at any level of play the tools they need to overcome performance barriers and enhance their mental and emotional toughness. Introduces numerous concepts, including mental mechanics, performance barriers, expanding player capacities, mechanical breakdowns, automaticity of performance and mental-skills training strategies.

About the Author
Mike Voight, Ph.D., CSCS, is a premier sport psychology-performance consultant with extensive experience working with athletes and teams from all types and levels of competitive sport. He is a lecturer in the kinesiology and physical education departments at the University of Southern California. Voight has been USC’s sport psychology-performance consultant for the past six years, having worked with athletes and coaches from football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, rowing, golf, tennis, swimming, water polo, and diving teams. He has two private practices in California, at the AIM Performance Center and The Sports World Athletic Center, and he is in demand as both a consultant and a speaker. Voight is the series editor for a complete line of mental toughness training books from Coaches Choice.

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