I Was There When It Happened: My Life With Johnny Cash

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I Was There When It Happened: My Life with Johnny Cash

While many have heard the music of Johnny Cash, few know the whole story behind his extraordinary career and the stories of those who helped him attain his success. Marshall Grant, Cash's long-time bassist and one of the founding members of Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two, chronicles their rise to fame from humble beginnings to world renown.

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When coworker Roy Cash introduced his fresh-out-of-the-air-force younger brother J. R. (John, then Johnny, came later) to him, Grant says, "a funny feeling--a kind of tingling--come [sic] over me." For the next 50 years, Roy's brother would loom over Grant's life, as he would over country music, like a colossus. Grant played bass in Cash's road bands until 1980. He was also Cash's road manager, making housing and travel arrangements and getting Cash to the gigs. That became a Herculean task as Cash's entourage, and his amphetamine and barbiturate addictions, begun as early as 1957, grew. Grant figures that Cash was entirely off pills for only the six years following his son John Carter Cash's birth in 1970. Cash finally fired Grant amid baseless allegations...

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