Painting Gilded Florals And Fruits (Decorative Painting)

Painting Gilded Florals And Fruits (Decorative Painting) Download Painting+Gilded+Florals+And+Fruits+%28Decorative+Painting%29

Painting Gilded Florals and Fruits (Decorative Painting)

In this book, realistic flowers and fruit are distinguished from all other flower painting books by the author's use of gold, silver and other leafing colours to provide rich, lustrous accents to each project. Readers will not only learn how to paint a variety of flowers, fruits and berries - including roses, magnolias, poinsettias, apples, plums, blueberries and cherries - but also how to enhance their paintings with the beauty and brilliance of gold or silver trim for heirloom quality work. Once readers have learned the technique, the book then presents ten step-by-step projects ranging from beginner to advanced, featuring florals and fruits in designs that use leafing or other metallic paint in some way. Readers will be left with realistic looking flowers, fruits and berries that harmonise and enhance their paintings.

From Booklist
Baer assures readers that they can master step-by-step techniques for enhancing their fruit and floral subjects--the bread and butter of so many still lifes--with rich metallic and variegated accents. By following the 13 full-color acrylic demonstrations of such projects as ornaments, trays, and compotes, readers will gain instruction in using contemporary media to achieve the...

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