Oral Communication: Skills, Choices, And Consequences

Oral Communication: Skills, Choices, And Consequences Download Oral+Communication%3A+Skills%2C+Choices%2C+And+Consequences

Oral Communication: Skills, Choices, and Consequences

The second edition continues to be an affordable, accessible, concise--yet comprehensive--guide to acquiring oral communication skills. Superb examples engage students to think about the choices and consequences of their communication. Written in an informal, entertaining style, the book invites students to participate in becoming more effective communicators in family, social, and career settings. Critical thinking is a key component throughout the discussions. New to this edition are Ethical Considerations, exercises that challenge the reader to make ethical choices. The Critical Thinking, Choices and Consequences, Reality Check, and Try It! exercises also encourage students to apply the authors' practical suggestions for improving communication skills. Professional Perspectives appear throughout the chapters and raise thought-provoking issues about the application of communication skills to business. Objectives at the start of each chapter and key words at the end map and summarize the content, while a crossword puzzle makes review entertaining. This solid, succinct book provides all the tools necessary to be an effective communicator.

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