Cesar Chavez (On My Own Biographies (Paperback))

Cesar Chavez (On My Own Biographies (Paperback)) Download Cesar+Chavez+%28On+My+Own+Biographies+%28Paperback%29%29

Cesar Chavez (On My Own Biographies (Paperback))

During the Great Depression, many people had to work long hours and were barely paid enough to survive. Cesar Chavez felt this treatment was unfair and worked to secure more rights. He formed a Union and led strikes and marches that forced landowners to increase wages and improve working conditions. This account shows how Chavez inspired others, proving that it was not necessary to resort to violence to produce change.

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Gr. 2-4. Part of the On My Own Biography series, this simple, dramatic picture book combines the history of the migrant farm workers' struggle with Chavez's personal story. The clear, direct text tells how Chavez, the child of Mexican Americans who became migrant workers in California after losing their land during the Depression, grew up to organize the first farm workers union with Dolores Huerta, and led a successful, five-year grape boycott in the 1960s. Wadsworth emphasizes that the Latino leader "helped with words, not with fists," and Schroder's realistic color, often full-page illustrations show Chavez with his people, working in the fields and on the march. An afterword, accompanied by a photo of Chavez, fills in...

Download Cesar+Chavez+%28On+My+Own+Biographies+%28Paperback%29%29

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