Say Goodbye To Being Shy: A Workbook To Help Kids Overcome Shyness

Say Goodbye To Being Shy: A Workbook To Help Kids Overcome Shyness Download Say+Goodbye+To+Being+Shy%3A+A+Workbook+To+Help+Kids+Overcome+Shyness

Say Goodbye to Being Shy: A Workbook to Help Kids Overcome Shyness

When is shyness just a facet of your child's personality, and when is it a problem? Even occasional shyness can inhibit your child from making friends, being open to new hobbies and experiences, and performing well in school. This book features more than forty fun activities kids and parents can do together to build confidence and assertiveness, useful attributes with lifelong benefits.

The first activity in this book helps you create a reward system to encourage progress as your child learns to move past shyness. The rest of the activities, designed and used by child therapists, help your child become more self-assured and comfortable interacting with others.

Your child will learn to:

  • Notice and celebrate small triumphs over shyness in everyday life
  • Relax when they feel anxious
  • Make eye contact
  • Say hi and use welcoming body language to make new friends
  • Speak with confidence


About the Author

Richard Brozovich, PhD, is a certified school psychologist and licensed psychologist in the state of Michigan. He has worked with children in schools and private practice for more than forty years. Brozovich...
Download Say+Goodbye+To+Being+Shy%3A+A+Workbook+To+Help+Kids+Overcome+Shyness

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