Psychodynamic Supervision: Perspectives For The Supervisor And The Supervisee

Psychodynamic Supervision: Perspectives For The Supervisor And The Supervisee Download Psychodynamic+Supervision%3A+Perspectives+For+The+Supervisor+And+The+Supervisee

Psychodynamic Supervision: Perspectives for the Supervisor and the Supervisee

For therapists working in clinics and hospitals, as well as those who conduct private practices, supervision is a crucial resource long past formal training. Martin Rock offers anyone who has been supervised, is in supervision, or does supervision, a thought provoking and challenging perspective on the supervisor and supervisee.

As Dr. Rock demonstrates, supervision is not the transmission of canonical wisdom from master to neophyte, but part of the continuing struggle of psychoanalysts to formulate what it is they do when they do what they know how to do. One cannot read this stimulating book without questioning one's own premises and enriching one's clinical perceptions, not just about the process of supervision, but about psychoanalysis itself. (Edgar Levenson)

Presents a wealth of ideas about supervision, abundantly illustrated by examples from supervisory experiences. The reader is bound to learn new approaches to supervision, and to think anew about his own work as a supervisor. It discusses in depth the kind of relationship between supervisor and supervisee that can lead to a rich learning experience for both. (Joseph Weiss)

This book is at the cutting edge of...

Download Psychodynamic+Supervision%3A+Perspectives+For+The+Supervisor+And+The+Supervisee

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