Stitched Collage: Creative Effects On Paper And Fabric

Stitched Collage: Creative Effects On Paper And Fabric Download Stitched+Collage%3A+Creative+Effects+On+Paper+And+Fabric

Stitched Collage: Creative Effects on Paper and Fabric

Discover how to transform fabrics, papers, and embellishments into jaw-dropping collages that wouldn't look out of place in an art gallery! "Stitched Collage" shows readers how to create extraordinary collages starting with just a painted fabric or paper base. Learn easy painting techniques, clever hand and machine-stitching techniques, and how to decorate your project with stitched embellishments, including appliques, yarns, beads, and buttons.

About the Author
Sherrill Kahn has taught nationally and internationally for stores, conferences, guilds, and educational institutions. She owns Impress Me, a rubber-stamp company, has produced five fabric lines for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, and has written over 40 magazine articles.

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