Information Sources In Science And Technology (Library Science Text)

Information Sources In Science And Technology (Library Science Text) Download Information+Sources+In+Science+And+Technology+%28Library+Science+Text%29

Information Sources in Science and Technology (Library Science Text)

Intended to introduce readers to the breadth of information sources in the fields of science and technology as well as to their applications, this book offers in-depth coverage and a clear presentation of the structure of the literature. It covers all types of reference materials-from abstracts, dictionaries, and indexes to biographical directories, dissertations, and government documents. Descriptive and evaluative annotations define the scope of each work, its intended audience, and its special features. Critical comments allow users to compare sources and make choices between similar titles. Two major changes have been made in this edition. First, the range of publications has been updated to cover newer material. Second, myriad electronic-especially WWW-sites have been added. In general, works published before 1991 are not included, making this a current and selective guide. Valuable as a textbook and a guide to the literature, this book is also useful for collection development.

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Hurt, director of the Graduate Library School at the University of Arizona, is a well-known expert on the literature of the sciences. The second edition of his guide to the literature of science and technology, originally published...

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