Life Energy: Using The Meridians To Unlock The Hidden Power Of Your Emotions

Life Energy: Using The Meridians To Unlock The Hidden Power Of Your Emotions Download Life+Energy%3A+Using+The+Meridians+To+Unlock+The+Hidden+Power+Of+Your+Emotions

Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotions

One of the most important medical books of the twentieth century, a ground-breaking classic that has never been out of print since it first appeared in 1983, and which remains as relevant today as ever. Essential reading for anyone interested in holistic health, psychology and the relation between the two.

"Life Energy should appeal to anyone who wishes to enjoy life more and to gain greater control over their emotions so that they can maximize not only their own sense of well-being, but also their relations with those around them." -- Lois Henderson,

"I highly recommend this book to my seminar participants to assist them in helping others as well as themselves ... [it] has surely helped many people resolve psychological issues. Diamond's work has also inspired a radical shift in the way we understand psychological health and treatment." -- Fred P. Gallo Ph.D., author of Energy Tapping

"A rare blend of psychiatrist, traditional healer, and spiritual guide. He has combined an eclectic array of cultural and healing arts to address the intractable issues of the human soul...This is a...

Download Life+Energy%3A+Using+The+Meridians+To+Unlock+The+Hidden+Power+Of+Your+Emotions

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