Dance Classics: A Viewer's Guide To The Best-loved Ballets And Modern Dances

Dance Classics: A Viewer's Guide To The Best-loved Ballets And Modern Dances Download Dance+Classics%3A+A+Viewer%27s+Guide+To+The+Best-loved+Ballets+And+Modern+Dances

Dance Classics accomplishes a difficult task for a dance book: it provides an informative narrative compelling to the balletomane as well as the lay reader. While not pretending to be a comprehensive guide to every ballet and modem dance ever created, the authors do describe 53 well-known works, with a two-to-four page synopsis of plot and dance movements, usually accompanied by anecdotes. For example, the authors note that when Coppelia was choreographed (in 1870, by Arthur Saint-Leon), "Dancing as a profession for men had reached a very low ebb in public estimation-, things were so bad that the leading rnale role in Coppelia - a youth named Franz - was actually danced by a woman in men's clothing. The role was made as brief as possible and contained no virtuoso dance passages.The ballets and modem dances are grouped by historical periods. From the romantic period, which flourished between 1830 and the mid-1940s, and the rise of classicism in Russia (the Danse d'Ecole, or academic vocabulary), the book continues with chapters on "Early Ballet Rebels" (Michael Fokine and Vaslav Nijinsky) and a comprehensive section, "Modem Ballets," covering the works of 11 major choreographers, including George Balanchine and...

Download Dance+Classics%3A+A+Viewer%27s+Guide+To+The+Best-loved+Ballets+And+Modern+Dances

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