Prints Of The West: Prints From The Library Of Congress

Prints Of The West: Prints From The Library Of Congress Download Prints+Of+The+West%3A+Prints+From+The+Library+Of+Congress

Prints of the West: Prints from the Library of Congress

Showcases the first published prints of the American West at the turn of the 19th century.

From Library Journal
Here are two views of the Library of Congress, one focused on the library itself and one on prints of the West selected from the library's many collections. The vividly photographed and popularized overview provided by photographer Highsmith and Landphair, a Voice of America writer and broadcaster, hovers between a tourist's memento and visitor's guidebook, yet its engrossing factual style delivers it from categorical dismissal. Artistic photos do justice to the diverse collections emphasized and bring out the beauty and artwork of the historical buildings, particularly in documenting the massive restoration of the Jefferson Building. This fast-paced, informative text highlights the library's eclectic collections instead of its history, with a final chapter that explains, in simplistic terms, LC's dream of an automated future. Jane Rosenberg's The Nation's Great Library (Univ. of Illinois Pr., 1993) is more scholarly yet more narrowly focused; John Cole's Jefferson's Legacy (LJ 12/93) covers more history. For public and general collections. Romantic 19th-century images of Western landscapes, Native American warriors, explorers, and frontiersmen, mined...

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