Practical Digital Preservation: A How-To Guide For Organizations Of Any Size

Practical Digital Preservation: A How-To Guide For Organizations Of Any Size Download Practical+Digital+Preservation%3A+A+How-To+Guide+For+Organizations+Of+Any+Size

Practical Digital Preservation: A How-To Guide for Organizations of Any Size

As digital preservation becomes an increasingly widespread and accessible practice, smaller organizations can take steps towards developing strategies for implementing it in their own institutions. This straightforward guide offers clear methods and tools for beginning the process. Readers will learn about the arguments for digital preservation, requirements, models for implementing a digital preservation service, and selecting and acquiring digital content. Anyone involved in digital preservation in medium- or smaller-sized information organizations, as well as students and others looking to gain a better understanding of the process, will find invaluable information in this practical guide.

"Each chapter is organized in a meaningful way, and the entire book flows with a natural progression through the complex stages of digital preservation. There is not a lot of technical jargon and the concepts outlined can be applied to small or large organizations that have a variety of assets. The author does an excellent job presenting complicated content in a digestible way, and offers useful case studies throughout the book." --Library Resources & Technical Services

"Brown has combed through the often overwhelming deluge of information that comprises the current...

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