Krakow (Poland) 1:8,000 Street Map (International Travel Maps)

Krakow (Poland) 1:8,000 Street Map (International Travel Maps) Download Krakow+%28Poland%29+1%3A8%2C000+Street+Map+%28International+Travel+Maps%29

Krakow (Poland) 1:8,000 Street Map (International Travel Maps)

ITMB's third map for Poland, concentrates on the central portion of the city, with a large inset of the central pedestrian area and with a regional inset map showing roads to Auschwitz (now called Oswiecim) and to Katowice. Legend includes inter-city rail lines w/ station, Krakow tram/street-car lines, parks, plazas, accommodations, churches, synagogues, points of interest, museums, police stations, shopping centres, hospitals, pedestrian streets, bike routes, bus stations. Indexed.

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ITMB Publishing (International Travel Maps and Books) of Vancouver, Canada, is the leading international map publisher with more than 425 map titles in print. The company's titles include many that are unique or the first of their kind, including an extensive series of travel and city maps covering Europe.

Download Krakow+%28Poland%29+1%3A8%2C000+Street+Map+%28International+Travel+Maps%29

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