Hygge: A Danish Concept Of Cosy And Simple Living

Hygge: A Danish Concept Of Cosy And Simple Living Download Hygge%3A+A+Danish+Concept+Of+Cosy+And+Simple+Living

Hygge: A Danish Concept of Cosy and Simple Living

Fed up with the hectic pace of modern day living? Well then, curl up with this book, a cosy blanket, some hot chocolate and learn how to embrace the Danish concept of cosy and simple living.

Growing up in Denmark I never knew us Danes were different. Of course being different is not always a bad thing! In my early twenties I moved to New York to study interior design. It was during my time in New York that I realized the importance of hygge. Everyone seemed so busy, so stern looking and so stressed! After spending two long years in New York I decided I had to spread the word about “Hygge” and so I wrote my book “Hygge: A Danish Concept of Simple & Cosy Living.

Us Danes have been voted the happiest in the world for the past 40 years in numerous studies. In this book I give away the secret to our happiness and explain how you too can embrace the concept of hygge to live a calmer more enjoyable lifestyle.

The great thing about hygge is everyone can embrace the hygge mindset of cosy and simple...

Download Hygge%3A+A+Danish+Concept+Of+Cosy+And+Simple+Living

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