Pack Flat Illusions For Kids & Family Shows

Pack Flat Illusions For Kids & Family Shows Download Pack+Flat+Illusions+For+Kids+%26+Family+Shows

Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows

Are you a kids magician or family entertainer looking for more stage props and illusions beyond the dependable classics such as the square circle, dove pan, tip over trunk, drawer box and Zig Zag Girl? Are you looking for a Harry Potter-themed illusion? From one of Asia’s top professional illusionists and one the world's most prolific modern illusion designers, comes a book on contemporary illusions for kids magicians and family magicians. J C Sum has created eight practical illusions & illusionettes designed for working performers looking to add scale to their kids/ family show or provide a larger scale effect for a special show. From making a birthday cake appear to changing giant cereal boxes into an aquarium full of live fish, the illusions routines, presentations and designs are contemporary and relevant for today’s audience. New illusionists will find practical illusions that they can fearlessly try as their first illusion. Seasoned professionals will find inexpensive solutions for illusions to add to their existing shows. All the illusions are detailed with fully illustrated building plans and dimensions. Designed for the working performer, the illusions are practical and pack small/ flat for easy transport....

Download Pack+Flat+Illusions+For+Kids+%26+Family+Shows

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