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An accepted theory exists that millions of years ago a celestial catastrophic occurrence wiped out every living thing on the planet. This theory may be flawed.Fast-forward to the 21st century. A handful of scientists, allied with the military, discover a massive network of tunnels beneath the Mojave Desert. Below, lies an ancient survivor, waiting...and it's hungry!

Once again Byron Craft drags us by his tentacles into a masterful mix of Lovecraftian science fiction, mystery, fantasy and horror.

"Byron Craft is an enigma.  Little is known about him. Some say he is older than the Earth. Some say he was never born.  What eerie and awful collision of astral events brought forth this writer of horror we may never know or fully comprehend.  I can only urge you to find out for yourself.  And the only keys to explain him are his writings.  But to sum up Bryon Craft in one sentence the phrase, 'Read the work of Byron Craft, it is the only cure to the madness his writings inflict,' comes to mind."  

  • Tom Sullivan,, THE BOOK OF THE DEAD as seen in the cult horror classics: "THE EVIL DEAD' & "EVIL...
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