Operation Ivy Bells: A Novel Of The Cold War

Operation Ivy Bells: A Novel Of The Cold War Download Operation+Ivy+Bells%3A+A+Novel+Of+The+Cold+War

Operation Ivy Bells: A Novel of the Cold War

Winning the Cold War is in the balance…

A super-secret, off-the-books spy organization; a security-clearance starting at Top Secret and going up from there; an attack by giant squid during a thousand-foot dive while breathing an exotic gas; a cat’s whisker escape from death during a three-day decompression – and that’s just the first two chapters of Operation Ivy Bells, before the action really gets underway.

Blending personal experience and real-world events in a fictional wrapping, Operation Ivy Bells offers a never-before-seen glimpse of these heroic men fearlessly facing death to gather the intel that tipped the scales to win the Cold War.

Over the past few decades action-adventure stories about submarines and diving have become a popular genre. Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler come to mind as exemplars. But Robert Williscroft really raises the bar with this book. Not only is he an outstanding writer but he is also a 'doer,' having participated in the events described in operation ivy bells - Captain Don Walsh USN, PhD USN Submersible Pilot #1 Officer in Charge Bathyscaph Trieste, 1959-1962 A great story...the author has done the...

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