The End-Times By The Ancient Church Fathers

The End-Times By The Ancient Church Fathers Download The+End-Times+By+The+Ancient+Church+Fathers

The End-Times by the Ancient Church Fathers

The ancient church fathers taught many things about end-time prophecy. They taught the Second Coming would be approximately two thousand years after the First Coming (AD 32 and AD 2032). The actual writings of church fathers Irenaeus (AD 170), Hippolytus (AD 210), and Ephrem (AD 350) identify three of the ten nations that will become part of the Antichrist’s government and where the Antichrist will be born. They teach about the Psalm 83 war, and many other things. Ephrem’s, The End Times; Hippolytus’ The Antichrist and On the End of the World, are reproduced in their entirety. Brought to you by Biblefacts Ministries,

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