Isometric Notebook: 120 Pages, Black Cover

Isometric Notebook: 120 Pages, Black Cover Download Isometric+Notebook%3A+120+Pages%2C+Black+Cover

Isometric Notebook: 120 pages, Black Cover

Isometric Notebook
120 pages
White bond paper
Acid free, neutral pH paper
Nonreproducing grid accepts pencil, pen and marker

Isometric Graph Paper is used when creating 3-d, three dimensional, drawings or when creating graphs of 3-d functions. Isometric Paper has three sets of parallel lines representing length, width and height forming a grid of equilateral triangles. Drawings on Isometric Paper yield an Isometric projection of the objects or graphs on the paper. It is frequently used for technical and engineering drawings, and is also used for woodworking, landscape, Interior Design, and Art drawings.

Download Isometric+Notebook%3A+120+Pages%2C+Black+Cover

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