Magical Mandala: Adult Coloring Book (Mandala Coloring Book) (Volume 2)

Magical Mandala: Adult Coloring Book (Mandala Coloring Book) (Volume 2) Download Magical+Mandala%3A+Adult+Coloring+Book+%28Mandala+Coloring+Book%29+%28Volume+2%29

Magical Mandala: Adult Coloring Book (Mandala Coloring Book) (Volume 2)

Adult Coloring Books: MAGICAL MANDALA: Adult Coloring Book (volume 2)


The main attraction of this book is you will have to focus on an image while coloring even if you don’t want to and thus it will be a great help to those lacking in focus and attention. The similar shapes run around the center in an intricate curvy image in mandala shape. You’ll have to look for similar shapes around the center to apply the same color on them. This is the reason this book will help you release more stress. Images can be colored with the use of single gel pen and it will still look beautiful. Book is magical stress reliever tool for anyone, your choice of colors will change the look of the image completely. Shading certain shapes with black color gives images 3d look. Once colored images can also be used for meditation as all the Mandalas have focus on the center.30 images are complete blank without any black color effect and rest 30 are the same images with black color effect. Front and back cover...

Download Magical+Mandala%3A+Adult+Coloring+Book+%28Mandala+Coloring+Book%29+%28Volume+2%29

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