Taken By The Italian Mafia: A Dark City Romance

Taken By The Italian Mafia: A Dark City Romance Download Taken+By+The+Italian+Mafia%3A+A+Dark+City+Romance

Taken by the Italian Mafia: A Dark City Romance

He stole her Freedom... Can she steal his heart? In a city run by Luka Belmonte, there is a dark and violent underbelly. When Whitney Greene is in the wrong place at the wrong time, she's dragged into the seedy world controlled by the Italian mafia. Now she's been taken in the middle of the night by mafia thugs who intend to end her life. *** The rules are clear: never leave a witness. When a job goes bad, Rocco has no choice but to destroy the evidence. In this case, that would be a young, beautiful woman with soulful eyes that haunt him. As the new Don, Rocco understands his duty. So why can't he kill her?

About the Author
Sadie Black is a 30-something author living on the east coast. She's married to a man who isn't a billionaire, but is her happily ever after (and they have four rugrats to prove it). If she isn't dreaming up steamy romance stories or chasing her children then someone should file a missing person report, because she is always doing one or the other.

Download Taken+By+The+Italian+Mafia%3A+A+Dark+City+Romance

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