Earning Admission: Real Strategies For Getting Into Highly Selective Colleges

Earning Admission: Real Strategies For Getting Into Highly Selective Colleges Download Earning+Admission%3A+Real+Strategies+For+Getting+Into+Highly+Selective+Colleges

Earning Admission: Real Strategies for Getting into Highly Selective Colleges

There is a crisis that millions of families face each fall: how to get their child into highly selective colleges. In 2015, the Ivy League received almost 250,000 applications for 14,000 spots, while one of the top public universities, UCLA, received over 92,000 applications for 5,800 spots in its freshman class. This crisis spirals out of control as the number of applicants from the U.S. and abroad skyrockets.

Whether your child dreams of attending Harvard or Berkeley, Earning Admission is the blueprint that empowers your child to use strategic planning and marketing to stand out amongst a sea of applicants and earn admission.

This step-by-step guide to earning admission teaches:

• How your child can select and take classes in high school to stand out from other straight ‘A’ students.

• How your child can dramatically increase her odds of admission by strategically choosing a major.

• How your child can write a personal statement that sets her apart from other applicants by demonstrating perspective, passion, and maturity.

• How your child can build a slate of extracurricular activities that admissions officers value.

• How your child can secure hundreds...

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