Otto Of The Silver Hand

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Otto of the Silver Hand

Children and adults will love this wonderful book about honor and virtue in the Middle Ages. Otto is the son of a robber baron. Losing his mother shortly after he is born, Otto is raised for a time by monks. How will young Otto react when he is forced to return and live with his thieving father, and what will happen when he is captured by one of his father's worst enemies? The young hero of the novel, proves that evil begets evil and good begets honor. This novel,was first published in 1888 by one of America's finest authors/illustrators Howard Pyle. He also wrote and illustrated classics like the Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. This book is Illustrated with over forty beautiful, black and white, intricate drawings.

From School Library Journal
Grade 5-9-Although Howard Pyle's 1888 tale about medieval Germany may seem an unlikely choice for 21st century children, Otto of the Silver Hand has audience appeal for fans of the Arthurian legends. Born into a baronial family that is already engaged in a blood feud with another noble house, motherless Otto is sent to live with monks while still an infant....

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