One Line A Day: Five Year Memory Book: (Journal Diary)

One Line A Day: Five Year Memory Book: (Journal Diary) Download One+Line+A+Day%3A+Five+Year+Memory+Book%3A+%28Journal+Diary%29

One Line a Day: Five Year Memory Book: (Journal Diary)

In the same time as it takes you to post a tweet on Twitter, you can create a fascinating and revealing time capsule of your life that will bring you years of pleasure. This memory keeper offers a hassle-free way to create a record of the highlight of every day … from the way you are feeling to something a family member said to an event attended to a visit from a special person to an anticipated activity to single simple thought. No novels. No big long journal entries. Just a single sentence; and these brief moments you spend with this journal result in a cherished keepsake that celebrates important memories and preserves them for future reflection There are 365 pages (each representing a day of the year) with space for five entries for each day (one for each of 5 years) so you can revisit previous thoughts and memories over 5 years. As you return to each page to write about the current day, you’ll discover happy coincidences and relive forgotten moments adding smiles and unexpected joy to your life every day for year after year. Buy this book...

Download One+Line+A+Day%3A+Five+Year+Memory+Book%3A+%28Journal+Diary%29

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