People And Places Of The West (United States By Region)

People And Places Of The West (United States By Region) Download People+And+Places+Of+The+West+%28United+States+By+Region%29

People and Places of the West (United States by Region)

Take a trip to the West! Each page is filled with exciting facts about this part of the United States, including its history, rich culture, geography, major cities, and everyday life. Buckle up as you read about and see pictures of this part of our fascinating country.

About the Author
Danielle Smith-Llera’s former life as a teacher led her to write books for young people. She has taught literature, writing, history, and visual arts to students ranging from elementary school to college. Danielle studied English and Visual Arts at Harvard University and exhibits her artwork internationally. As the spouse of a diplomat, she and her family have lived in Washington D.C., New Delhi, India and Kingston, Jamaica.

Download People+And+Places+Of+The+West+%28United+States+By+Region%29

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