Neo's Coloring Book 1: Animals

Neo's Coloring Book 1: Animals Download Neo%27s+Coloring+Book+1%3A+Animals

Neo's Coloring Book 1: Animals

Th is coloring book has pictures of some of my favorite animals — all freehand and drawn. For many years, my customers kept telling me to do a coloring book because they love my art work. So here it is and I hope you enjoy! - Neo’s Coloring Book 1: Animals

About the Author
vanessa neo is an artist, a designer and a store owner on the big island of Hawaii. ever since she was a little girl, shes been drawing , a hobby of hers. she started to design her jewelry and make them as gifts she would give to her family and friends. over seven yearsago, she started using all her art work in all her jewelry pieces, her screen printed clothing and bags, sometimes drawing then directly on her hand sewn bags and hats, leather wallets, and her canvas originals. she would attend craft fair shows until she decided to open a store front 6 months ago on alii drive of Kailua kona big island of Hawaii, a home of hers since she was vey young. for many years, her customers kept encouraging her to put all her art...

Download Neo%27s+Coloring+Book+1%3A+Animals

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