La Vida Loca De Marta (Spanish Edition)

La Vida Loca De Marta (Spanish Edition) Download La+Vida+Loca+De+Marta+%28Spanish+Edition%29

La vida loca de Marta (Spanish Edition)

¡Aprende a hablar español a través de la lectura!
Learn to Speak Spanish through reading!

Who is this book for? La vida loca de Marta is a brief novel written for late beginner or intermediate students of Spanish. It is written almost entirely in present tense and is at a good reading level for most students in Spanish two or above.

Description: Marta is a single mother who is trying to do it all. She has two kids, is working as a secretary in a law office, and is taking classes at a local college, all while her family is thousands of miles away in Mexico. Will Marta be able to balance everything when she meets a great guy?

This book was written for Spanish language learners.

About the Author
Andrew J. Snider is the author of several novels and books that help people improve their abilities in Spanish. In 2014 he founded Reading 633, an organization dedicated to helping students and educators make the most out of their classroom language-learning experience. Andrew is happily married, and he and his wife have a beautiful, bilingual...

Download La+Vida+Loca+De+Marta+%28Spanish+Edition%29

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