A Life In Blue: Policing Baltimore In The 70's & 80's

A Life In Blue: Policing Baltimore In The 70's & 80's Download A+Life+In+Blue%3A+Policing+Baltimore+In+The+70%27s+%26+80%27s

A Life in Blue: Policing Baltimore in the 70's & 80's

This book is packed to the gills with true crime stories from those officers who lived them. This is the primary author's second foray into the true stories that he and his contemporary police officers lived through in the crime-peaking years of the 70's and early 80's. This, his second book relates stories from an elite group of uniformed street officers known as the A-Team. Their stories are real and they come alive in the pages of this book. It includes incidents and crimes that are at times dangerous, comical, deadly, and some are frankly unbelievable to the general public who would frankly rather not believe them. But these Baltimore Police Officer's lived them, and then had to go home to their families and try to live their own lives normally despite the depravity they see day after day. Reading this book will give you a seldom seen glimpse into the on-duty events, crimes, situations, and circumstances these men face every day in one way or another. How can they live normal lives seeing what they see? How can you, reading what they write? Read on for some dangerous,...

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