Bark Until Heard: Among The Silenced Dogs, I Found My Voice

Bark Until Heard: Among The Silenced Dogs, I Found My Voice Download Bark+Until+Heard%3A+Among+The+Silenced+Dogs%2C+I+Found+My+Voice

Bark Until Heard: Among the Silenced Dogs, I Found My Voice

An inspiring true story about rescuing a puppy-mill dog, fighting for justice and finding joy in an unexpected place. A memoir detailing the horror of Amish puppy-mill auctions and the truth behind the puppies in the pet store windows. Bark Until Heard teaches readers the importance of finding their passion and fighting for their cause. Living quietly in suburbia, writing for an international animal-welfare organization, I suddenly found myself on assignment in a dark Amish barn at a puppy-mill auction, looking into the eyes of a dirty, scared Chinese crested powder puff. In front of me wasn't just one dog needing rescue from a miserable life of constant breeding - there were hundreds. In that horrific moment, face-to-face with animal cruelty, I found complete clarity. With tears streaming down my face, I felt my soul open up. In the days and years that followed, I found my voice and the courage to passionately fight for thousands of silenced dogs force to live a life of neglect. A journey that taught me the importance of being true to a cause and of never giving up. **The author will donate a...

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