Calling All Artists: Why There's Never Been A Better Time To Be A Creative

Calling All Artists: Why There's Never Been A Better Time To Be A Creative Download Calling+All+Artists%3A+Why+There%27s+Never+Been+A+Better+Time+To+Be+A+Creative

Calling All Artists: Why There's Never Been a Better Time to Be a Creative

This extensive 20 chapter book (with 12 bonus interviews from industry veterans with TV and/or feature film credits), is designed to help you move you from confusion to clarity with a specific creative career development plan. (See endorsements below.) You were born at a great time. In many ways, we are in a modern day Renaissance for creatives. There are significant cultural, economic, and technological factors that have converged in this generation that provide an opportunity for you like no other time in history. With the number of new found opportunities for artists, supported by creative industry reports predicting continued growth, it is critically important for creatives to find clarity. There are hundreds of ways to make a living as an artist, so it’s more important than ever to figure out exactly what you were built for. You need to discover your calling and identify your core creative marketable strengths, then you need to set goals, plan your work, then work your plan. ENDORSEMENTS An immensely practical guide for the creative in all of us. Todd Hampson’s work has blessed me and thousands of others –...

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