Kissing: The Best Tips, Techniques And Advice

Kissing: The Best Tips, Techniques And Advice Download Kissing%3A+The+Best+Tips%2C+Techniques+And+Advice

Kissing: The Best Tips, Techniques and Advice

Did you know...? In a recent survey, 90 percent of men and women said that they would not date someone who was a bad kisser, and 80 percent believed they could predict what a long-term relationship would be like based on a first kiss. In Kissing: The Best Tips, Techniques and Advice, relationship expert Taylor D'Aotino reveals everything you need to know to master the art of kissing. If you're new to kissing, your partner will never guess it once you have the benefit of all that D'Aotino's book has to teach. And if you've been kissing for years, later chapters are devoted to techniques that even experienced lovers can use to take their kissing to the next level. • The number one complaint both women and men have about their partner's kisses and how to overcome it. • Effective ways to practice on your own, so that even a novice kisser can seem more confident and experienced. • Judging when to go in for that first kiss by reading your partner's signals. • How to give your partner a kiss that's romantic and sweet, but sexy, too. • Mastering the art of...

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