The Maple House: The True Story Of A Haunting

The Maple House: The True Story Of A Haunting Download The+Maple+House%3A+The+True+Story+Of+A+Haunting

The Maple House: The True Story of a Haunting

Every family has bad luck, but what if the bad stuff was more than just a coincidence?
It was meant to be a dream home, but something went incredibly wrong after the Dyers moved into the Maple House...From the bewildering car trouble, sudden medical problems, unexplained noises, ghostly music in the night, swarming insects, and strange lights their time in the house was plagued with problems.
When the life of their young son is taken, however, Jeanie starts to wonder if her family is being targeted by something supernatural.
In this short book based on a true story, Jeanie narrates her family's time at the Maple House and the experiences in the beautiful house on the hill that still plague her family today.

About the Author
THE MAPLE HOUSE was originally under the name Jeanie Dyer, a pen name for author Rebecca Patrick-Howard.

Download The+Maple+House%3A+The+True+Story+Of+A+Haunting

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