Secrets Of Dethroned Royalty

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Secrets of Dethroned Royalty

From the Foreword:

THE talented American woman writer, Rheta Childe Dorr, in her amusing book on Russia, relates a conversation which took place between her and the intimate friend of the unfortunate Czarina Alexandra, Anna Wyrubowa. The former-asked what a Court was like, and the question drew forth the characteristic reply that the only word to describe it was "rotten." The expression was certainly not elegant and the person who uttered it was perhaps the last one who ought to have done so, considering that she, more than anyone else, was responsible for the corruption of the one Court at which she had been received, and which she had ruled, in fact if not in name, for many years. But the expression was, in a certain sense, justified, because there is no doubt that the haunts and abodes of royalty in Europe were the centres of so many intrigues that the only wonder is they existed as long as they did. Royalty, in the three great countries where it is now abolished, certainly did not set any good example to the world. All, or nearly all, the scions of these royal houses, brought up as they...

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