How To Cheat In Blender 2.7x

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How to Cheat in Blender 2.7x

Blender is a vast and customizable 3D-modeling application used by many artists across creative industries, from television to games. This newest book, in Alan Thorn’s How to Cheat series, offers insightful and bite-sized power-tips to help you develop Blender mastery. More than five hundred figures illustrate interesting shortcuts and clever ways to improve your Blender workflow. A companion website at provides bonus content, including videos and resources to help sharpen your skills further. How to Cheat in Blender 2.7x is for Blender users of all levels, offering time-saving tips and powerful techniques to increase your productivity…

About the Author

Alan Thorn is a multidisciplinary game developer, author and educator with 16 years’ industry experience. He makes games for PC desktop, Mobile and VR. He founded the indie studio Wax Lyrical Games, and created the award-winning game Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok. He has written twenty-two technical books on game development and presented eighteen video training courses from and He has worked in game development education as a Senior Lecturer at Teesside University and as a Lead Teacher for Uppingham School. He is currently a Visiting Lecturer for the...

Download How+To+Cheat+In+Blender+2.7x

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