Littérature Moderne Du Monde Francophone: Une Anthologie (French Edition)

Littérature Moderne Du Monde Francophone: Une Anthologie (French Edition) Download Litt%26eacute%3Brature+Moderne+Du+Monde+Francophone%3A+Une+Anthologie+%28French+Edition%29

Littérature moderne du monde Francophone: Une anthologie (French Edition)

Littérature moderne du monde Francophone is a multicultural anthology of authors who write in French. There are 36 selections from writers outside of France, brought together by a recognized scholar and Africanist. The book has been used by college and high school students for 15 years. With whole works alongside excerpts, plays, stories, novels, poems and prose poems are represented. A significant number of the writers are women. An introduction and many exercises are included: pre-reading, vocabulary, discussion and composition as well as comprehension activities.

About the Author
Peter Thompson's degrees in French studies are from Princeton and Brown Universities. He is Professor of Modern Languages at Roger Williams University. His books include Négritude et nouveaux mondes (literature anthology, 2nd edition) and translations of Nassira Azzouz, Nabile Farès, Véronique Tadjo and Léon-Paul Fargue. He edits Ezra: An Online Journal of Translation.

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