The World Crisis 1911-1918, Part 2: 1915

The World Crisis 1911-1918, Part 2: 1915 Download The+World+Crisis+1911-1918%2C+Part+2%3A+1915

The World Crisis 1911-1918, Part 2: 1915

The second volume recounting World War I as told through the eyes of Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill's superlative account of the prelude to and events of the First World War is a defining work of 20th-century history. With dramatic narrative power, Churchill reconstructs the action on the Western and Eastern Fronts, the wars at sea and in the air, and the advent of tanks and U-boats.

Rich with personal insights, this second part of Churchill's magisterial work covers the year 1915 and includes the chapters "The Deadlock in the West," "The First Defeat of the U-boats," "The Battle of Suvla Bay in Gallipoli," and "The Abandonment of the Dardanelles."

This work is part of Brilliance Audio's extensive Classic Collection, bringing you timeless masterpieces that you and your family are sure to love.

"The World Crisis is at once an outstandingly readable history of the First World War -- the seminal drama of modern times -- and an eyewitness account, especially of its opening years. Whether as a statesman or an author, Churchill was a giant; and The World Crisis towers over most other books about the Great War."
-- David Fromkin,...

Download The+World+Crisis+1911-1918%2C+Part+2%3A+1915

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