Sally Ride And The Shuttle Missions (Adventures In Space)

Sally Ride And The Shuttle Missions (Adventures In Space) Download Sally+Ride+And+The+Shuttle+Missions+%28Adventures+In+Space%29

Sally Ride and the Shuttle Missions (Adventures in Space)

Join Sally Ride on her journey aboard the Space Shuttle! This book examines the extraordinary life of the first female US astronaut in space, from her early life to using a robotic arm in space. Find out about other female astronauts and their achievements. Understand the rigorous training that astronauts undergo and how they prepare for a journey into the unknown.

About the Author
Andrew Langley is a prolific author of books for children, with a special interest in history and the environment. He has been short-listed for several major awards, most recently with books on natural disasters and Hiroshima.

Download Sally+Ride+And+The+Shuttle+Missions+%28Adventures+In+Space%29

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