Musings Of A First Chinese Daughter: A Memoir

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Musings of a First Chinese Daughter: A Memoir

This book is a memoir of my traditional Chinese parents whose resilience and courage was representative of our pioneering forefathers. With their passing, I see the vanishing of the Old China which philosophical heritage, idealism and romance has shaped the Chinese mind for centuries. Our upbringing highlighted the importance of Respect and Responsibility within the context of a code of conduct.  The book is a literary pastiche, a montage of my world in Australia juxtaposed against the exquisite brocade of the other world.  Today's China is a vibrant part of our cyber-world; the impact of the cyber-world could be encompassing on one's individuality.  What kind of persons will our young generation and the future generations become?

From the Back Cover
The author, a qualified teacher with 25-year teaching experience has taught in Malaysia, in addition to teaching in Colleges, Private and Public schools in Australia.  She has a double Honours Degree in History and English and was Head of the English Faculty in Australia.  Jennifer is currently living in Karana Downs, Brisbane, Australia.

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