Singing Like Callas And Caruso: Belcanto Voice And Body Training

Singing Like Callas And Caruso: Belcanto Voice And Body Training Download Singing+Like+Callas+And+Caruso%3A+Belcanto+Voice+And+Body+Training

Singing like Callas and Caruso: Belcanto Voice and Body Training

"Singing like Callas and Caruso – Belcanto Voice & Body Training" is not an academic code for Opera singers, even if it introduces you into all secrets of your authentic voice. Dr. Karin Wettig started as a pilgrim to the Rome of Singers after her divorce: not her heart, but her voice broke. The irony of fate sent her to a radio station to become a speaker. Whatever she tried with her voice, nothing really worked. Instead of taking the highway, she felt like creeping on her knees to Rome, where she arrived as a secret pupil of the Papal chapel in Renaissance, staring through a Judas hole to observe how the young castratos studied singing. Fascinated with Belcanto since 1600, her personal vocal studies ended constantly in disasters: she fell asleep in classes of an empathetic lady; a Japanese piano professor shouted encouragement and pushed her through old Italian arias until her voice had broken into two: a rough alto and a squeaking soprano and nearly nothing but a throaty flow of air in between. The next teacher, a tenor offered her a male shoulder when she broke into...

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