A Cabin Full Of Food: (Mostly A Cookbook)

A Cabin Full Of Food: (Mostly A Cookbook) Download A+Cabin+Full+Of+Food%3A+%28Mostly+A+Cookbook%29

A Cabin Full of Food: (Mostly a cookbook)

"All the Grandma recipes" - my favourite review sums up the book! Almost a thousand recipes, cooking ideas and information on cooking "homestead style" - simple, basic, home-grown ingredients, simple tools and old-fashioned recipes. It took me over four years to gather and test recipes and information from my friends, including many in the Old Order Mennonite community. Many of the recipes include stories of their origin. No microwave recipes in here! In fact, with a cooler and some ice to keep things cool, and a way to cook, many of these recipes work well for camping or traveling. No electric appliances are required - although nothing stops you from using these recipes in the most up to date, modern kitchen! This is true 'from scratch' cooking - simple enough for anyone with a busy life, this book will help you put good, solid food on the table like your great-grandmother did. Recipes are written in paragraph style with bolded ingredients for easy reading. Just imagine I'm talking to you on the phone and telling you how to make my friend's amazing pickle recipe or my Mom's every day White Bread. I...

Download A+Cabin+Full+Of+Food%3A+%28Mostly+A+Cookbook%29

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