The Fantastic Photo Art Of The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck (Volume 1)

The Fantastic Photo Art Of The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck (Volume 1) Download The+Fantastic+Photo+Art+Of+The+Sensual+Goddess+Tarot+Deck+%28Volume+1%29

The Fantastic Photo Art of the Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck (Volume 1)

This book features the photo art of the Sensual Goddess Tarot deck created by Frederick and Oleanna Potter. It is primarily designed to be an art book for collectors of fantasy and sensual photo art. However, included in this book are also descriptions of each card and their meanings as well as a section on how to read the cards with a special description of the "Venus Spread" which was designed specifically for this deck. And so one could also consider this book to be a companion piece for those who already own the Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck. As this is an art book, if you are looking for a book to teach you how to read Tarot cards or other information on the Tarot, then it would be recommended that you acquire one or more of the many fine works that are currently available by qualified authors. The artwork in this book is the product of almost three years of painstaking production and involved the construction of props and costumes, photorealistic 3D environments, thousands of model photography frames taken and extensive post production work. This deck is...

Download The+Fantastic+Photo+Art+Of+The+Sensual+Goddess+Tarot+Deck+%28Volume+1%29

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