Ferran Adria And ElBulli: The Art, The Philosophy, The Gastronomy

Ferran Adria And ElBulli: The Art, The Philosophy, The Gastronomy Download Ferran+Adria+And+ElBulli%3A+The+Art%2C+The+Philosophy%2C+The+Gastronomy

Ferran Adria and elBulli: The Art, The Philosophy, The Gastronomy

Catalan chef Ferran Adria is one of the most lauded culinary masters on the planet, and his three Michelin-star restaurant, elBulli, was consistently rated as the best in the world.

In July 2011, Adria closed elBulli in order to revolutionize not the art of cooking, but his art of cooking, with plans to open a creativity center for chefs and launch LaBullipedia―“a Western haute cuisine Wikipedia.”

Has the art of cooking become a high art, thanks to Adria and his contemporaries? Jean-Paul Jouary answers this question with elegance and insight, revealing the inner development of Adria in his journey to dismantle the established rules behind the science and art of gastronomy. Jouary reveals the exquisite artistry of Adria’s cuisine and contextualizes it at the intersection of gastronomy, food science, philosophy and fine art, appealing to the food enthusiast as well as to the professional chef.

With superb photographs by Francesc Guillamet, official photographer of elBulli restaurant, the book evocatively pictures the experimental culinary creations of this artist-chef and includes a previously-unpublished personal interview with Adria himself.

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