Creatures Of Greek Mythology

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Creatures of Greek Mythology

The "Creatures of Greek Mythology" are finally here for your coloring enjoyment! Each of these legendary beasts are presented with one full page of mythological information. Not only will you learn the visual characteristics of these creatures and have fun coloring them, but you will also learn the correct pronunciation of their names and other interesting facts about them. This book is fun and educational! To explore this book before purchase, you can use the "look inside" feature or watch the video trailer for this book on youtube!
The Creatures of Greek Mythology featured in this book: Echidna, Typhon, Medusa, Harpy, Cerberus, Sphinx, Hippocampus, Griffin, Pegasus, Satyr, Centaur, Cyclops and the Hydra.

From the Author
Creatures of Greek Mythology was quite an adventure for me as I explored each deity through research as well as through pen and ink. When I began this project I had been attending a college Mythology course. Inspired by our class readings I had begun drawing Medusa for entertainment; I do love to draw! When my children saw the drawing, they commented how it looked like the page out of a coloring book; that's when the wheels began...

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