COMPOSE YOURSELF!: Songwriting & Creative Musicianship In Four Easy Lessons

COMPOSE YOURSELF!: Songwriting & Creative Musicianship In Four Easy Lessons Download COMPOSE+YOURSELF%21%3A+Songwriting+%26+Creative+Musicianship+In+Four+Easy+Lessons

COMPOSE YOURSELF!: Songwriting & Creative Musicianship in Four Easy Lessons

This is the book now being serialized in conjunction with a free video course at (series began on 9/16/2013). Once-a-month blogs explain the content of each chapter. Free PDFs of selected content from the book are provided through Video blogs will illustrate chapter content and allow you to play along in dialog games. Supplemental material on sight-reading and music theory ensure that no student is left behind. This is the only course that treats songwriting as an extension of your natural language abilities. It is the only course to combine playful creativity with musical discipline in dialog games that resemble a foreign language class. Inspiration for the course comes through the author's association with Jef Raskin, creator of the Apple Macintosh, who was also a brilliant musician and UCSD music professor, and Howard Roberts, founder of GIT, which matured into Musicians Institute, LA. "Compose Yourself" also derives from a two-year project researching and arranging the "most memorable" parts of over 2,000 Billboard Top-Ten songs, and years spent in testing the course material with students ranging in age from 9 to 80 years of age. The author writes "Measure...

Download COMPOSE+YOURSELF%21%3A+Songwriting+%26+Creative+Musicianship+In+Four+Easy+Lessons

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