Poco - A Chiropractic Story

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Poco - A Chiropractic Story

Life wasn't as it ought to be Poco had woken feeling quite blue until a smart Fox showed Poco what to do. The Fox was wise, the Fox was quick and introduced Poco to Chiroprac-Tic "A wonderfully illustrated Chiropractic story of how life ought to be" Helen Jones - Doctor of Chiropractic

About the Author
Helen Jones is a Doctor of Chiropractic in the UK and genuinely loves her work. In 2012 she took time out from practise in Westcountry Family Chiropractic & Cranial in Cornwall, UK and travelled to Peru to work. It was whilst adjusting the children in an orphanage in North Peru that she decided on her return to write this book. Those children were her inspiration for 'Poco - A Chiropractic Story' Helen believes that this story has the potential to raise awareness of the power of Chiropractic - a safe and natural approach to healthcare. Helen is already working on more stories about Poco and the power of Chiropractic!

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