Lyrically Speaking: Seasons Of My Life

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Lyrically Speaking: Seasons of My Life

“How many songs have we lost when a lyricist could not find a musician,
nor the musician a lyricist? The answer for the bereft musician could well lie within the pages of Lyrically
Speaking—a plethora of superbly crafted lyrics from the soul of Kay Bell.”

—James Shipstone, RCA Records. BMG Records.
BMG Music Publishing Australia/New Zealand. 1977–1997

A song has the indefinable and irresistible power to instantly transport you to another place and time. But before that song can reach its audience, a rare and special partnership must be launched between the words and the music. In this groundbreaking publication—intended to inspire just such artistic collaborations—award-winning lyricist Kay Bell shares a poignant collection of her original lyrics, the beating heart for up to 180 potential songs, to openly elicit creative collaborations with composers around the world.

Who has not been touched in one way or another by the power of music? Songs have changed lives, saved lives, spawned lifelong love affairs, broken hearts and mended them, brought tears, joy, and laughter to people the world over.

Kay Bell is an award-winning lyricist who has received global recognition for both her...

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