The Superintendent's Fieldbook: A Guide For Leaders Of Learning

The Superintendent's Fieldbook: A Guide For Leaders Of Learning Download The+Superintendent%27s+Fieldbook%3A+A+Guide+For+Leaders+Of+Learning

The Superintendent's Fieldbook: A Guide for Leaders of Learning

Guidance for ever-changing challenges, success through improved effectiveness

Equip yourself to face the demands of a superintendent with this practical guide for new and veteran district leaders. Understanding leadership and budgets is only one piece of a pie that has grown to include privatization, performance-based teacher compensation, technology, and global comparisons like PISA. Based on research with 300 superintendents, this new edition is your touchstone for
practical advice on how to:

  • Survive on the job
  • Bargain like a pro
  • Work with your school board
  • Tackle the achievement gap
  • Explain to the public what's right with American schools

"The Superintendent's Fieldbook accomplishes everything it sets out to do. This remarkable book for new as well as veteran superintendents is thoroughly researched, practical, and compelling. If I could have but one book on my shelf to support the all-encompassing work we do, The Superintendent's Fieldbook would be the one." (Suzanne Cusick, Superintendent 2012-11-14)

"I've found most guides for superintendents to be long on theory and short on practical advice. The Superintendent's Fieldbook doesn't make that mistake. This is where school leaders and aspiring superintendents can...

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