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Dogs are in their natural element when they are playing outdoors. Pet photographer Amanda Jones captures this unbridled joy perfectly in her latest collection of photographs. Set against the backdrop of four distinct seasons—each with its own color palette and lush backdrops—these dogs are clearly having their favorite days in their favorite places. This handsome book showcases the energy and character of a diverse group of dogs as they run, jump, and play outdoors all year long.

"The unbridled joyousness of the dogs in Unleashed is simply heart expanding. Dogs of all sizes and stripes cavort against glorious backdrops of all four seasons. The dogs, captured by photographer Amanda Jones in a state of ultimate canine-ness, are a delight through and through."
-Modern Dog Magazine

"Unleashed, captures joyous dogs in all four seasons. Dogs of all breeds and sizes are in their element, jumping, running and just generally enjoying themselves, unencumbered and untethered."
-The Bark

About the Author
Amanda Jones has been working with dogs for 20 years and is recognized as a leader in the field of dog portrait photography. She is the author of Dog Years, and lives in...

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